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Filippetti Yacht

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13 Şubat 2024 - 13:01

Filippetti Yacht

Filippetti Yacht: The Elegance of Italian Craftsmanship and Maritime Tradition

Filippetti Yacht Shipyard is known as the luxury yacht boutique and offers a spectacular sailing experience by combining local maritime traditions with Italian craftsmanship in each yacht. With its unique 5-year Warranty Formula, Filippetti promises reliability and quality to its customers.

Forty Years of Craftsmanship

Filippetti Yacht Shipyard was built on the family’s more than 40 years of experience and professionalism. Fausto Filippetti and his family aim to make customers’ dreams come true by offering experience, passion and expertise in every boat building.

Shipyard and Labor

Each Filippetti Yacht is unique, reflecting the Italian maritime tradition and values of craftsmanship. Each boat produced at the shipyard is customized according to the customer’s wishes and every detail is handled with mastery, precision and passion. Each yacht allows you to experience the sea in your own unique style.


Filippetti Yat was founded in 1985 with the experience and leadership of Fausto Filippetti. Fausto’s many years of maritime experience come from his shipyard apprenticeship, which he started in 1967. The Filippetti Yat brand was officially founded in 2009 with the help of Fausto’s children, Martina and Giovanni.

Building Process

Every Filippetti Yacht is built from start to finish with Italian excellence and top-notch craftsmanship. The Filippetti team works closely with its customers, determining the ship’s interior layout, décor and finishes at every stage. Fiberglass yachts are produced in Mondolfo, steel and aluminum boats in Trieste. Customers are invited to realize the dream of their own yacht by participating in every stage of the construction process.

Filippetti Yacht continues to serve as a boutique shipyard that produces a limited number of exclusive yachts every year. He works diligently on every detail to satisfy customers’ maritime passion and quest for luxury.

The construction of your dream yacht starts here. Your journey is ready to begin today.

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