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850 Cabin Cruiser Boat

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28 Ocak 2024 - 20:50

850 Cabin Cruiser Boat

Take the Enjoyment of the Sea to the Top with 850 HT Hard Top!

Offering a perfect sailing experience for sea enthusiasts, the 850HT Hard Top combines the highest level of comfort and functionality. Equipped with standard accessories, this magnificent sea vehicle invites sea enthusiasts to a dream journey. Here are the standard accessories of the 850HT Hard Top:


Water Filling Cap (Cr-Ni): An ideal solution for water filling with its durable and aesthetic design. Fuel Tank 280lt: Safe and uninterrupted use on long journeys with its large fuel capacity. Fuel Filling Cap (Cr-Ni): Easy to use and durable during refueling. Waste Water Tank (Fiberglass) 60lt: It manages waste water effectively with its environmentally friendly design. Compass (With Recessed Light): Special design with recessed light, equipped with a compass for safe navigation. Control Console: Safe maneuvers with the easy-to-use and ergonomic control console. Command Seat: A comfortable experience even during long cruises with the comfortable captain’s chair. Rear Pool Sink Faucet: Practical sink and tap system in the rear pool. Cooler Storage Area in the Rear Pool: Special ice storage area for the rear pool equipped with cool drinks. Rear Seating Group and Reclining Cushions (Vinyl): A seating group that combines stylish design and comfort. Rear Lounge: Private lounge area for a relaxing break. Rollbar (Fiberglass): Robust rollbar design that prioritizes safety. Pool Dining Table (Fiberglass): Special table for pleasant meals accompanied by sea views. Shower System in the Rear Pool: Shower facility in the rear pool to cool off. Toilet Cabin (Electric WC, Sink and Shower Installation): Comfortable and hygienic toilet area. Kitchen Group (Sink, Faucet, Hydrophore, Single Stove and Drawer, Shelves): Fully equipped kitchen area. Refrigerator (50lt) – 12V Elektromarla: Practical and energy efficient refrigerator. Rear Cabin (Bed for 2 People): Large bed in the specially designed rear cabin for a comfortable sleep. In-Cabin Sitting and Reclining Mats (Fabric or Vinyl): Comfortable in-cabin seating area. Dining Table in the Cabin (Fiberglass): Enjoy pleasant moments in the cabin with the special dining table. Intermediate Cushion in the Middle of the Bed in the Cabin: A specially designed cushion that increases bed comfort. Cabin Interior Ceiling Covering (Fiberglass): Aesthetic and durable ceiling covering. Edge Handrail Rubber (Plastic): Edge handrail rubbers that increase safety. Water Tank (Fiberglass) 180 lt: Long-term comfortable use with large water capacity. Head Roller (Cr-Ni): Strong and durable head pulley. Electric Vertical Windlass (Between 600W-900W): Electric vertical windlass for easy and safe anchoring. Ram Horns (Cr-Ni) – 4 Pieces: Ram horns for safe navigation. Wolf’s Mouth (Cr-Ni) – 2 Pieces: Wolf’s mouths for safe anchoring. “U” Eye Eye (Cr-Ni) – 3 Pieces: “U” eye eye that provides map layout during navigation. Head Guard (Cr-Ni): Guard that provides security in the head area. Rear Guardrail (Cr-Ni): Guardrail providing security in the rear area. Hatch 450mm: 450mm size hatch for ventilation and light. Cabin Lighting Glasses (Flexiglas) Right, Left: Specially designed glasses for a bright and spacious cabin. Hard Top Front and Side Windows (Fiberglass Framed): Durable and aesthetic hard top windows. Ladder (Cr-Ni): Sturdy ladder for easy access. Chain and Rope Section at the Bow: Special chain and rope section at the bow for safe anchoring. Seating Group in the Head Cabin (Bed for 2 People): Comfortable seating group and large bed in the forward cabin. Sunroof (Manual): Enjoy the cool air and sun with the sunroof. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION:

Port Starboard Lamps Illuminated Flagpole Horn Switch Panel Cabin Interior Lightings Toilet Partition Lighting Rear Cabin Lighting Hard Top Lighting Aft Pool Lighting Rear Lounge Lighting lighter holder Bilge Pump 220V Shore Supply Electrical Socket Blower (Engine Room Ventilation Fan) Remote Controlled Projector Waste Water Pump (Macarator) Automatic Shower Water Drain Pump EXTRA ACCESSORIES:

Opening Porthole Music Set and Installation Bimini (Sunshade Awning) Winter Tarpaulin ecosaunder VHF Radio GPS Radar Air conditioning Radiator davit gangway Generator Solar energy Both Switch and Accumulator (2 Pieces) Engine and Engine Related Accessories Delivery Time: 21 Business Days


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Experience the peaceful journey of the sea with 850HT Hard Top! Enjoy watching!

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